Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Hardcore, but almost over!

This first week back has been so hardcore and it’s only Wednesday! Yesterday was our first proper day back (as Monday was hand-in for Fashion, art and culture), and we were all set a task to complete by 3pm. I found it difficult to get started at first but after a while I was alright, I feel I work better under pressure. Some of my research pages for “metamorphosis” are quite poor so I’ve decided just to push the good ideas! But I’m finding this project quite difficult, I’ve done more research on the concepts I’m interesting in, so hopefully this will help me out. I like that we are being pushed to the limits, I feel its more realistic for the fashion industry, and it makes everyone work a lot harder and quicker!
This is some of the work I've been doing for the latest project

Tomorrow we will be meeting our 3rd years!! We will be acting as there assistant helping them with their final collection-I’m quite excited about it all!
I can’t believe how quickly the year has gone! All that’s left id metamorphosis and PPD and then we’re done!

Friday, 24 April 2009

Catch up!

Yes, yes I know I've been neglected the old blog a little....well lets get on it then!
I researched the role of a fashion PR all quite interesting really, it’s a busy job then what job isn't?! The roles of this job include getting samples and outfits ready for studio shoots, magazines, clients etc. Also arranging meetings and may include dealing with the press it’s basically the organization behind a company-well that’s what I like to think anyway! Very office based. Working along side senior Pr, Directors of the company, visual merchandisers, fashion photographers and press. Everyone relies on you to get jobs done promptly...the pressures on! The pay starts at about £14 k, and the hours are normal office hours but obviously you will have to do the occasionally extra like any other job. I’m quite interested in going into PR work-well at the moment anyway that would change, after all I’m only a 1st year! I’ve still had no luck with the work experience and few have been interested and offered interviews but then never got back to me-oh well their lose I’m sure. That hasn’t stopped me though I’m still emailing companies but I’ve changed my covering letter and altered my CV a little incase that’s what is causing the lack of interest. I doubt that’s it though-I’ve contacted about 25 companies; someone is bound to take me up on my offer of FREE LABOUR!! We are experiencing a recession after all!

I decided to use this image (above) for my final, I saw it as the strongest out of my favourites.
One company that did take me up on a day of free labour was Arrogant Cat, I worked a trial day of 9-5:30pm for nothing and didn’t end up getting the job! I’m quite disgusted actually, not only that I didn’t get it but that they didn’t have the courtesy of contacting me to let me know! Unbelievable eh?!
Since then, I have nearly finished my fashion, art and culture and I have to say I’ve really enjoyed it, it’s a shame all the ones I love are only 10 credits!!! I’m just finishing my evaluation and struggling a little with it- but I’ll get there eventually! The photo shoot for my final image went well I changed it a little to my original idea but it worked all the same.

We’ve been given a new project called “metamorphosis”, well we were given it before Easter and have to have 15 sheets for Tuesday….yeah about that-so many distractions at home…but I am on it and I’m sure I’ll be ready for Tuesday! One hopes so anyway. Better get on with it!