Tuesday, 16 November 2010


A shoot for my briefcase, based around my original theme of fairy tales! I love it...thank you B!

Photographer - Bianca Wallis

Fashion and styling - me

Thursday, 4 November 2010

22 is poo!

So this week has been mental!
firstly, I managed to delete most of y blog entries for my ERPs blog! Idiot!
secondly, I sliced opened my hand on a pin! Rank!
thirdly, I've been so unmotivated! Its madness!

But luckily apart from the upon its been a pretty productive week. I've done a little bit of pattern cutting, a little bit of CAD and my dissertation has been going alright.

Lets hope it carries on this way.

I can't say I've read my PPD3 brief yet, I just hope its going to be a breeze...probzzz not!

P.s and my friends is paying me a birthday visit...wahey!