Friday, 26 March 2010

The moment of truth!

Today I got my mark for Fashion concepts and was happily surprised i got a 68, which I was very pleased with. I still feel like I'm always one step behind everyone else, maybe its because I feel like my passion for the course is dying and I'm getting a litle bored of uni. I can't wait to finish and get into the real world (I know I will probably take this all back once I'm working) but I wanna do soemthing new and exciting!
On a more positive front I have a work placement to do for a week over Easter with a company called "Fame will come later"-should be interesting.
I also have an interview for another placement on 27th April,which I'm really excited about its more studio based but graduates work looks amazing and really suits the pathway I'm doing!I just need to get my portfolio ready for that, so I'm confident with what I'm doing/saying!FINGERS-CROSSED!
Sometimes I wish I'd done the other pathway,its not that I think I would enjoy it more, I feel its more realistic to the "Fashion world" and they have learnt a lot more about the industry, making, trends, tailoring, shop reports etc...sometimes I just feel like I've missing out on important skills. I know I could take my own time to catch up on these, and I have done, but there isnt enough time to go over everything!
I'm hoping that where I have missed out on these skills I will learn them through work placements etc.
We got our new brief today aswell, which sounds a lot like Fashion, Art and Culture...I need to re-read it again to get it straight in my head. I don't really know how I feel about it yet.
Just when you think you have some time to chill-out you realise there is still enterprise, crit and a new project to do!
It just never stops....and when it does I don't know what to do With myself!
So I suppose I wouldn't want it any other way!

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Ignoring something does NOT mean it will disappear!

This weekend has been a failure...I have done no work so far for fashion concepts. Yes I have been working at Urban, but really thats no excuse other people can manage to work and go to uni-and so should I. Its almost as though there is so much to do and its making me completely stand still! I have never really been one of those people that thinks they wont make the deadline-but this project is the first one that I've honestly felt it about! Yet still I have tme to do everything but my work. Its stupid,I need to get a move on!
I've written list after list and hardly completed anything....I don't think it helps that I changed my idea 3 times....right okay I'm gonna try and get on with some now...and stop avoiding it!
I've even done some crit and enterprise stuff instead....oh and no luck on the placement front....Oh god,Dawn get off and do something!!!