Sunday, 22 March 2009


So we've recently started PPD lessons and in the last session we had to research jobs within the fashion industry. I found it all quite useful as I realise that I had misunderstood some of the roles within the industry and so this session put me straight.
If you were to become a Fashion Photographer your job role would be photographing for magazines, advertisements, catwalk shows etc. The money isn't great and varies depending on who you are working for, how professional you are and whether you are self-employed, which many fashion photographers are. You can't just become an amazing fashion photographer over night either, you have to work as a photographers assistant before becoming an actually photography and then you're only a low end photographer. You have to be really good at what you do to become a professional photographer and if you do it right, it can pay well. Working hours are long and most likely going to take up you're weekends and evenings on the plus side you may be able to travel depending on the type of job you're on but this is strictly a "worked based holiday" no time for sight-seeing. You would be working with a number of people-models, stylists, designers, photo touch up department, photo assistants etc.
I really enjoy photography and I took it at A-level but I wouldn't like to take up a career in it. It seems like too much hard work to me and I doubt I would enjoy it all that much.
I'm still researching jobs in the industry and am quite interested in PR work at the moment. Once I've finished my research I'll up date you on my findings!

Sunday, 15 March 2009

With £5.05 in my purse I can take on the world!

The Arrogant Cat interview seemed to go really well, it was so relaxed and we had loads in common-oddly! Anyway, I got asked to do a trial day which I did yesterday 9:30-5:30! I managed to survive-just, but I’m feeling quite doubtful about it because there have been trial days for the past 5 days! I did my trial with 2 others, who were looking for full-time work-thankfully, but they both had so much experience and had both worked for Harvey Nics! I feel like if I don’t get the part-time position I’m looking for it will be because of my lack of luxury work experience. I should know by tomorrow though. There’s nothing I can do now-what’s meant to be will be I suppose. I just really want it because there’s scope for me to transfer to their London store and work in the marketing department-once I’ve finished my degree of course-which would be really good for me….we shall see eh?!
As for getting the grades back-well I was surprised as I got 65% a lot better than I thought I would do….thank god because I was considering ending it all if I carried on getting 57%.
I’ve carried on researching for crit and have a tutorial tomorrow which I think will help me to make a start on my essay.
Fashion, Art and Culture is going well I’ve started to play about on the stand a bit which has got me thinking a little more about my final garment.

I want the garment to show restriction and look uncomfortable, so for the moment I've just looked at pinning it and manipulating the shape.

Overall everything is going well-apart from having £5.05 in my purse life is fine and dandy!

Tuesday, 10 March 2009


Okay so I handed my Jewellery Elective stuff in last Thursday-bit of a relief it’s all over to be honest. I did enjoy it though, but I doubt I’ll do it again. That’s another project done, I feel like they’re over so quickly and I don’t really know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing!
Anyway, the results for CDP are out tomorrow. I’m quite nervous about it all, I know I can’t change it now though. My marks seem to be decreasing with each project and it’s a bit of a worry! Oh well-fingers crossed eh?!
Tomorrow is going to be a busy one for me; I have a tutorial in the morning, then an interview and then uni! Yes, you heard right an interview. All my moaning and job applying appears to have paid off finally. I’m really excited because the interview’s for Arrogant Cat and I love their stuff and would really love to work there! I hope I get it-I need the money.
I’ve actually started to research for my crit essay! Bit of a shock. I feel like I’ve left it a bit late but as long as I read and research a bit everyday I’m sure it will be fine-it always is….in the end.
Fashion, Art and Culture is going alright-I’ve been a little bit slack with it lately, but now I’ve got an idea for my final outcome I can get on with it properly. I’ve bought a second hand suit which I’m going to play about with as part of my power dressing idea. Oh and we’ve got an extension for this project but really I want to get it finished before Easter and then I can concentrate on the new project we received today-this fashion malarkey is non-stop!
As for this new project-it’s the interdisciplinary module. It sounds really creative and free which is more my sort of thing. We have to research and explore “metamorphosis” but we can do this using any art form, the research doesn’t have to be strictly fashion based. So ideally I would like to just have this to concentrate on over the summer but we’ll see if I can actually organize my life enough to make it happen.
As for the work experience, it was all going well I got an email from a company called “surgery”, and they wanted me to come to an interview. Brilliant! Not quite because I haven’t heard from her since. A bit of a pain really, it sounded really interesting it was PR work but I thought it would be an excellent experience. I think I’m going to contact her in a few weeks if she hasn’t got back to me.
I think that’s all that’s happening in Dawn Shindler’s life at present…..over and out!