Tuesday, 27 January 2009

A turn around

So I've finally realised that things aren't as bad as I had though. I've managed to get my research sorted and start designing for this project...at last. I think I just always have odd little moments where I think I can't deal with it, but I can!
I had a tutorial with Angie today and found it really useful, it helped me to see that what I was doing for my design process wasn't designing but drawing, and now I realise what I need to do for it.
So i've began actually designing, this means thinking about fabrics, darts the general piecing together of a garment. I will add some of my designs later once I've scanned them in...but for now I'm going to carry on with the designs. I'm feeling a lot more postitive about this project than before but I still son't feel its my best, maybe this will change....

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Stuck in a rut!

Today was....just a pure headache for me. I mean it literally was I've had a constant headache since being back at uni- its horrible! I don't really know why though.
Anyway, so tried to get on with research sheets but it all started looking very Graphics like...which would be fine...if I did Graphics! So when I got back home I tried to change the layout and get in the "zone" but no luck, I dunno whats wrong woth me! I have now decided maybe its because I'm lacking enough research for me to work with, so thats the next thing I need to do...gather gather gather research. Its even more annoying because my flat mates seem to have done so much already and I'm just stuck in a RUT!
Between the headaches, stress and lack of work I've also being viewing houses - more nightmares..it takes so much time and we have viewings for the rest of the week! I'm excited but I just wanna get it sorted now and I need time to work on my uni stuff, but all this house hunting is taking over my life!!
I think I need to write another list...maybe that will help.Argh and we only have a week to get all this work I cant even start done - brilliant!
Just take deep breathes,stay calm and try not to cry....its only my future career we're talking about!!!
It will be fine I just need to start concentrating - really hard.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Back to work again

Well I’m back at uni after finishing and handing in my River Island project. Over the Christmas period I managed to motivate myself enough to get on with my trend boards which I am quite pleased with, and generally just relieved I’ve got them done…Photoshop isn’t really my favourite thing! I have also made a start on my shop report – after re-doing them for the second time (Photoshop had crashed on me making me lose all my work)!
And today, my first early start for a month, I found myself snapping away at windows trying to capture their view. This is all in aid of my most recent project researching into “Container Culture. I look at the view being contained in the window. All this research has to be complete in a week…yes a week! I better getting working really.
Oh and I’m job hunting again as my contract with New Look came to an end…so I’m going to apply to the higher end of the market…wish me luck!