Friday, 12 December 2008

Pure Brilliance

I got my grade back, it only went up by 1% but it’s better than nothing and I’m still really pleased with it! I also handed in my other project today, so that’s a big weight off my shoulders. Two projects already completed…its nuts!
So now I can concentrate on my trend boards/shop report over Christmas, oh and not forgetting the graduate fashion week project!
I went on a bit of a mission around Leeds city centre in search of any brochures or leaflets high end shops had to help me with my project, and I have to say I was surprised at how nice and helpful the shop assistants were! The guy in Flannels even told us to have a “good look around” and then came chasing after us as we were leaving to give us another booklet and gave us a lovely, “Good Luck” as we departed the store. I think I fell in love with him at that moment! So all in all I managed to get information on Vivienne Westwood, Harvey Nichols, Nicole Farhi and of course Flannels. I’ve really started to notice the difference between high end stores compared to normal high street stores, the lay out, the lighting, the staff etc. It’s all so different.
Oh and I’ve made a start on my accessory for River Island, I’ve decided to create a neck piece out of marbles and my scarves…its still a working progress but its coming along nicely.
Although it was our last official day today I’m going to pop into college on Monday so I can get some more information on my trends before I go back home.
I do love it when things run smoothly…and I woke up this morning feeling like it was going to be a terrible day-stressed, rushed and just generally annoyed, but after my successful mission I feel quite the opposite!*sighs*

Friday, 5 December 2008

Too much work, Not enough play

Luckily today the ice had melted and I was able to walk to college with joy instead of walking like an O.A.P, and I manage to complete my dress! Hallelujah! I think the most difficult part was putting the facing in around the arm holes but although it took me about 5 attempts I still really enjoyed it. I feel like it was a lot less difficult then I had expected and I enjoyed it more than I would, in fact so much more that I’m remaking it at Christmas as a little surprise for my little sister. I’ve learnt so much from these pattern sessions and I think when I do remake it I’m going to add more fullness and make the skirt slightly longer. I’m quite looking forward to showing off to the family that I can whip up a dress within minutes......well, not minutes, not yet anyway! I think they will be quite impressed with what I’ve already achieved – and it has only been a few months. My mum was really pleased with my grade for my first project, but today I queried why I had been marked down for “apparently” not using my bag and I found out that it was a mistake and had been accidentally overlooked. So I’m being remarked which I’m really pleased about, I’m glad I queried it because I wasn’t sure whether too but I suppose that just shows if ever you’re unsure of something then just ask!
Well tomorrow I have a early start at work but I finish at half 2 and then I’m off to do some of my top secret photo taking. Ideally I would like to have my trend boards completely before I go back so I need to collect as much information as I can. I’m also going to start getting some books out that relate to my 4 trends so I can include them in my boards. So I need to take some more photographs, photograph some related textures and find some books that relate to my trends. Hopefully I can get all this done by the middle of next week and if not it will be well and truly started.
A lot to be getting on with for now then, oh and I need to make sure my technical file is correct and up to date. Too much work and not enough play I say!

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Get out there and get over it!

Today I collected my results from my previous project, I was so nervous and was slipping everywhere on the way to college (it’s so icy), but it was all worth it because scored 68% which I was pleased with as the average is 60%. I have to admit after looking through my feedback I was a little disappointed as it said that I hadn’t included my bag in my garment when I had…and that because of this, it had brought my whole grade down. I don’t really understand why this was overlooked, maybe it’s because the bag wasn’t clear enough, but I think it will help me if I was to ask about it and then maybe I can understand what I should have done.
Overall I’m quite pleased, I had hoped for more but I think everyone always does.
As for the trend project, it seems to be going okay I’m starting to understand it a little more now. I still need to take a few more images but I have a fear of slipping on the ice again, and as it has been so frosty lately - I think that’s what has been stopping me.
I need to get over it and get out there!
This Friday is the last lesson before our hand in for the making project, I think I’ll get it all complete and just need to stay focused and make sure my technical file is all done.
We’ve also been set a Christmas project which is a project for graduate fashion week, we have to design an accessory for River Island for spring/summer 09. The accessory has to be made from charity shop goodies, they don’t necessary have to be garments though they can be anything! I’m quite excited really! So that should keep me quiet over Christmas…my mum will be pleased, peace and quiet for once!
Only a week left now!

Monday, 1 December 2008

The Day of Indifference

So, I must be getting old because I keep forgetting to right down really important things that have happened on the course, we recently started our making lesson on Fridays and I'm actually a lot more confident with it then I thought and I'm really enjoying it!
I've already made the front, back and put an invisble zip in...amazing I know!!
Oh and my undercover photo shooting has been going well, its all quite exciting really. I feel like I've already learnt a lot about the clothing in different stores. For example I've seen an almost identical skirt in primark and new look but the pricing and materials are so different!I feel like this project is quite confusing but I think its just because I've never done anything like this before...I'm enjoying it though.I just hope what I've done so far is along the right lines.
On this course I find I get up and down moments at one point I'll feel like I'm going well and I understand it perfectly and at others I'll feel like I really shouldn't even be on the course and I have it totally wrong...and right now I'm indifferent and if I'm honest I just want to go home for Christmas!
I think tomorrow I'm going to head to Borders after Uni and cheer myself up with a Fashion and educational!