Thursday, 30 September 2010

And 3rd year begans...

My third and final year has kicked off! And its harcore work from the the moment we are working om extended research practices and have a live brief. It's exciting because we've never had a live brief before and its such a good opportunity. We had a crit on Tuesday and I felt it was really productive, Sue gave us honest and creative critism which I much appreciated.
I've decided to make luggage for this brief and I'm really looking forward to the final outcome! I've never made luggage or even bags before so it should be a hoot.
I'm really excited about this year, but so scared. THIS IS IT! In 9 months time we will be released into the big, wide, world. I feel like this year is already going to fast and it won't be long until its all I'd better get a move on!

Thursday, 16 September 2010


So 3rd year is upon us and I am terrified! I feel like because I haven't stuck anything down and I'm working mostly in my blog that I have nothing to show for this project, but after talking to some other fashion girls they put my mind at ease.
I think I'll be fine once we've got back inot it properly...well I hope. I know what I want to do, its all in my head its just executing it onto paper.

To be honest I go through the same motions every year..worried, happy, stressed, relieved!

I'll be fine