Friday, 16 October 2009


During the summer I went to London to look at various fabrics shops and came across this little gem. "Cloth House"-I love it! The staff are so friendly and helpful and the fabrics are good quality and fairly priced. I'll have to remember to pop in if I'm about again.
They sell lovely vintage fabrics and buttons....there's just a good vibe about the place! I also went to the Royal College of Art's exhibtitons at the V&A-
Here are some of my personal favourites:

Loved the volume in this and the silhouette...

This was first glance you think its a printed knit pattern. Once I've read up it became clear that in fact it is knited but instead of doing this pattern in the typical "3D" way they had kept it flat and obv used the right shade of wool to trick the human eye...very clever indeed!

The luggage was amazing too....really professonal and beautifully made.

I just loved the use of unconventional fabrics....I'm all about the unconventional!

Overall I saw/learnt a lot about fabric stores and interesting deigns while in the big smoke!

2nd Year Blues

Not the best of days but, boy oh boy, have I learnt a lot about patterns. We started making our final garment the beginning of this week and although I couldn’t (and maybe still can’t) see the finish line I was pleased to get on with making the garment! So, today I had basically finished my toile just needed to do the button holes, when Hugo made me realise that the my shirt wasn’t sitting on the body properly! SHOCK HORROR! I had to re-do my bodice block in order to achieve a more professional look. Although I was devastated that all my late nights at uni had all been for nothing I knew that deep down it was for the best and in the end, (hopefully) I’ll have a much better shirt. Despite all this I did cry a hell of a lot at the thought of being back where I started 3 days ago! But as Hugo wisely said “its sweat and tears that teach you” - and yes I have definitely learnt….the hard way! Today, I wanted to try the new pattern with added princess line and new collar out in calico first just to make sure I don’t cut anymore expensive fabric for no reason! I also updated my CV and have even started emailing some companies regarding work placements over summer/Easter…unfortunately I haven’t had any replies and its been about a week. Oh well, keep on at it!I feel like I’m really getting the most out of studio time and after college hours…I’ve stayed til about 8pm all week and come in on days we’re not in. I think its just because I’m worried about how little time there is to do SO MUCH work! That’s 2nd year for you! I’m just hoping I’ll get used to it and organise myself better for the next project.At least my enterprise is going alright at the moment, we have an idea, a website, an online survey and we’ve completed our presentation for Monday-Phew!Oh and I’m really loving working for Urban Outfitters the people are so nice and it doesn’t really feel like work, I’m hoping now I have some experience in clothing retail it will help me out with work placements. I could even ask for a transfer to head office if I can’t find anythingNow I have got all the tears out, I’m feeling a lot better about it…surely things can only get better?

Old to New!

My garment pre-tears and redesigning:
Being modelled by the wonderful Nyah Clarke:

My newly designed garment (without sleeves and collar, still underconstruction) with princess line and pleats.....yes it fits better!

Why there is no need to be upset.....featuring Ella Griffiths's lovely batwing jumper toile!

Monday, 5 October 2009

2nd Year-maybe the toughest?

The 2nd year is tough and its only just begun! I think its because we are working in groups and your actions don't just affect your own grade but others as well.
The groups I've been put in aren't the best-just because they both have people who are leaving the course or might as well be leaving as they never come in!But you have to just look on the bright side and just get the best out of what you do have...the rest of my group are fine and I know we will do alright in the end!
I've had quite a productive day as I met up with Stubbs and we came up with our enterprise idea and even made a website-I'm well impressed at our skills! We've basically sorted out all the details just need to research into finance and our typical customer. I'm pleased we sorted it because its been stressing me out A LOT!
And as for application for design-its going good have the research just need to start to design...we need to get together as a group and think about our logo for the swing tickets and how we intend to sell our garments etc.
I'm feeling a lot better about it all. At the start I was so overwhelmed by the work I just felt like giving up! But I'm basically half way through the degree now and I would feel much worse if I was to just give up on it all!
So I just hope that tomorrow I get as much work done as I have today!
We shall see....