Thursday, 19 November 2009

No woman, no cry

65% that was the result from application of design....I’m really chuffed because I know that I didn’t put my all into the research and spent far too much time on my garment! I’ve learnt though and that the main thing.
So we have started our new project innovative cut-mixed feelings on this, but it always takes me a while to settle into a project so hopefully it will all fall into place soon. I’ve started researching but I just feel something is missing- I don’t know what it is. I might try taking more of my own photos and have a look in the museum for a little more inspiration. There’s a lot of independent study with this project and it’s a real test....I just hope that I manage to keep up the pace!
So far so good...I just hope I can keep it up.
On the work placement front I have heard off another company but they just said they don’t keep CV’s on file, so I need to send them another nearer the time! Annoying! To be honest though I haven’t sent any more off-so I better get on that soon!
Right now we have:
Innovative Cut, PPD 2, Enterprise and finding work placements....right now the most important to me is innovative cut but I know I need to manage it so I’m doing a bit on everything. I find it quite difficult to think about more than one project at once, but I shall have to see how it all goes-otherwise I’ll fail and drop out....JOKING! It’ll be alright it always is in the end.
STRESS IS A FORM OF WEAKNESS that is what I always tell myself whenever things get tough! So, so true!

Monday, 9 November 2009

done done doneeeee!

For some unknown reason the latest posts haven't been publish-PAIN! Oh well, let me try and recap...I managed (despite all my worring) to complete application for fashion design and hand in ON TIME!Wahey. So, there was one huge stress over with. I also completed my Jewellery level 2 eletive and will be handing in on wednesday-thank god. And I have received the new project-inovative cut. It all sounds very exciting and believe it or not I have already started researching...someones clearly learnt from their mistakes!
I don't know if I have previously mentioned this-but a while back I started contacting companies/design teams etc about work placements...I must have already emailed about 10! I have had 1, yes 1 reply-RUDE or what! But I suppose thats what Fashion is like! This 1 reply was from a company called "fame will come later" and the woman said she would "pencil" me in for a placement and that I should contact her early next year. Obviously I'm chuffed, but at the same time I know what these people are like so I'm going to keep on looking and instead of just emailing them I'm going to send them all letters...they will be sick of me by the end!
So this was our group moodboard for app of design!This was our swing tag/invitation for our brand called "les garcons m'aiment" (boys like me)This was my final garment...I created a shirt fro matt satin!And this was my final jewellery piece (modelled by a not so happy Crystal)