Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Christmas Project

I handed my first project in last week and it felt brilliant! I decided to go for the image on the ground as my final, although it seems like quite an obvious choice for “it fell from the sky” I couldn’t see anyone else that had done something like it.
Since handed in our project last week we have been given a new brief to work on now and over the Christmas period and it looks really exciting and like something I’ve never done before! It’s purely a design project, involving the industry, trend prediction and market awareness. Firstly we have to collect information about the trends for autumn/winter which are currently being sold in the high street. We have to look at the seven different market levels, luxury, designer, designer diffusion etc. So, tomorrow morning I shall be exploring these different market levels with my camera in one hand and a note pad in the other! Then once we have all this information we need we are going to create some trend boards for those trends and also write up a shop report….scary stuff eh?! Little bit nervous and excited all at the same time!
Oh and I managed to get myself a job in New Look, which I thought would be helpful for the course as well.
And we have already been given our previous project back and should have our feedback in about a weeks time!!

Monday, 17 November 2008

Photo Shoot

I had a successful Sunday as I managed to do my photo shoot and I feel it was a success. Although it didn’t rain like I wanted it to it still went quite well, but because it didn’t rain I had to resort to plan B. I decided to use trees as a key point in this shoot and the idea of someone or something falling from the sky and getting stuck in a tree.

I also went on to try and capture someone on a high wall, maybe thinking of jumping or stuck there.

Finally, I wanted to experiment with someone that had simply fallen from the sky and not be found yet!

I'm not sure which of these images I'm going to use for my final one, but I think it will be either the ones on the ground or in the tree.
I have also finished my sketchbook, just need to bind it together and only have one illustration left to do!

Friday, 14 November 2008

Nearly There....

Today has been a lot more productive than I ever imagined it would be. I can happily say I have already completed most of the tasks I previously set myself, and I had a job interview today too! I have finished sewing together my garment, I have mastered - okay I wouldn’t call it mastered, but got the hang of CAD and my sketchbook is very nearly complete. I found it really helped working as a group with some of my flat mates, it made me more motivated. I think that’s how I managed to get so much done, plus I got up earlier. I think maybe I should do that more often…but I know my will body disagree! I’m really pleased that everything seems to be coming together…finally! All to do now is four more illustrations, my photo shoot and the last page to my sketchbook. Brilliant!
So, tomorrow should see the completion of my illustrations, the completion of my sketchbook and maybe if I’m lucky even my photo shoot started! I’m hoping for rain, I know that sounds odd but I need it for my shoot idea….fingers – crossed!

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Time Flying By

It always seems to be the case that generally you worry a lot more about something than you need to. And by saying this I’m talking about my crit presentation, yes it was nerve racking but everyone was in exactly the same situation. By the end of it I realised I had probably spent far too much time worrying about something that really wasn’t worth it, I felt it went as well as it possibly could have and that’s what matters.
My Creative Approaches lessons are going well and I’m in the process of putting together my garment made from a shirt, trousers and bag. I feel my research book to go with this garment is almost complete and I’ve done as much as I can in the way of research. Now all I really need to concentrate on is photographing my garment using the words “it fell from the sky”, I have a few ideas already that I’m going to try out at some point this week. As for my illustrations, well they seem to be coming along nicely I just need to get my head around CAD!

My aims for this week are to finish sewing my garment together, work on some CAD designs for my illustration and start on my photo shoot. Maybe its quite a lot for the rest of the week but I’m willing to give it a go and I feel if I push myself its quite achievable.
One thing I have learnt already from this course its deadlines seem to creep up on you, although I’m aware of all my deadlines its still a shock to hear I only 2 weeks left for this project! Time really does just fly by, it will be Christmas before I even know it!

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Self Discipline

So as the deadline for my crit presentation approaches I find myself starting to feel nervous as I haven’t practiced as much as I should of! I think I’m going to be spending the rest of this working on it. I’ve been trying to priorities, as there are so many different deadlines coming up. So firstly I’m going to focus on crit and Creative Approaches to Fashion as they are in quite soon.
I have to admit I haven’t done as much work as I had hoped I would over reading week and I didn’t even go home so I don’t really have an excuse. I did work, but just not as much as I’d of liked!
I’m going to start writing out lists of tasks for each day that are actually achievable! And I need to start waking up a lot earlier.
Self discipline is really needed!
On a lighter note, in class I’ve started working on the stand for ideas for my final garment. Although I haven’t actually liked any of the designs that I’ve done on the stand, I’ve still recorded them as I can always work on top of my ideas in my sketchbook. After all, everything counts!
I’m really looking forward to a break at Christmas, but for now I must stay focused for just a bit longer!