Thursday, 22 April 2010



My portfolio is not ready and my interview is next week! I really need to get it sorted but I have loads more to edit and make up then I first thought!


Hopefully next year I will have learnt from all these stupid mistakes.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010


Right, so other than writing in my blog I really haven't done much work. BUMMER! I'm meant to be on my placement today, but she didn't need me as she doesn't have much work for me to do, so I should be in tomorrow. It's a blessing in disguise because I feel so rotten today - I have a cold, which has sprung from no where! I'm drinking so much fluid, I might as well be on a drip!!
I have managed to do 2 crit tasks today though, and select a few exhibitions I want to see while I'm in London. I'm hoping they will help me with Research Practices (which I haven't started) I kind of know what I want to do though, its just getting the research together! Lots of videos and photoshoots would be ideal, but we will see if that ACTUALLY ever happens!
I'm hoping to try and do a couple more crit tasks today and maybe sort out enterprise a little bit, but I'll see how far I actually get.
Oh and on the work placement front I have decided what pieces I want to go in my portfolio for my next interview (on 28th) just need to edit them a little. I have also heard off Wonderland mag asking me when I'm available for their internship-so fingers-crossed. Haven't heard anything back yet though.
I'm off to get some fruit and some more water-I WILL GET OVER THIS COLD!

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Reserach Practices

I'm thinking of linking my research practices with crit by looking into mythologies...I am then probably going to look into grimm tales/fairytales etc. I think this would have a lot of scope!

These images taken from trendland are amazing:
This image is photoshoot by Annie Leibovitz for Christian Lacroix

Above:Printemps window display in Paris I believe!

Oh and I also love the work from this illustrator....Coco....

Some exciting ideas for my project!


The Easter break has started and I have done no work! This is the usual Shindler cycle-can't get started, gets started enjoys it, worries that its not good enough, starts to hate it, gets mark and realises things arent that bad!
So I've decided to try an ignore myself...if that makes any sense. I know I will start eventually, I just need to really think about this project as its very much like fashion,art and culture which I enjoyed but got a rubbish mark for!
I also need to get on with crit portfolio and enterprise..I think I'm gonna try and do some of that to do as I'm not working at Urban what with it being closed for EASTER SUNDAY! No instead I'm in Leeds all alone-I'm gonna say its part of becoming an adult..but really I have no mates!!ha. Its fine though because I went home to see my family and friends last week and had to come back up North to work, so I'm not really a loser!
Lets just hope I managed to get something done today!