Thursday, 28 January 2010


I feel a lot more organized this year and to be honest its probably because I am! I'm forever wriing lists, they say that if you write it down you are 40% more likely to get it done....I don't know where i got that figure from, but I read it somewhere a while back and like to believe its true.
I've signed up to laser cutting, I may already said this, but I'm very excited about it! I've also decided to do ALL the textile classes, call me excessive? - clearly I have too much time!
I'm feeling better about all this CAD marlarky, it takes a bit of getting use too but I'm almost there. I'm still not a pro and sadly i doubt I will ever be! I'll get over it though.
I've caught up on my eneterprise notes and me and Stubbs met up after the session with Bridge and had a huge sort out of our business (THANK GOD!) and all seems fine! We are meeting Bridget tomorrow lunch, so we can get some help with PEST, for our pesentation on Monday - eeeeekkk! We will be fine...I hope!
On the placement front......well not much development. I decided to jig my C.V a little, so I feel more confident in it. I sent it to magazine and they got back straight away basically saying they don't do placements over Easter but I should contact them in April about a summer placaement. So I'm pretty chuffed with that...I just hope they mean it (I doubt most these places do!)I am so negative...but I suppose that way I shall never be let down!haha..."Stay positive Dawn!".
I will upload some of my CAD work soon for you all to laugh at!
That's it for now folks....

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Call me aladdin because I've found some treasure

A few gems....thanks Vickie/Ian! - Love this! Really inspirational...another love of mine Hussein Chalayan's latest collection...oh please!It's a corker!
He is one of my favourite designers and I don't think I have ever disliked a collection. I like the simple and clean look of his latest work.
Here's a taste...

I'm really enjoying Comme des Garcons latest collection too...she is so distintive. And her collection's so cute!

Plans for this week so far....on tuesday a friend from work who's on textiles is going to show me how to put my own screen together. And on Wednesday I finally learn about laser cutting!wahey!
I still want to book Digital print workshop and do book binding...I'm hoping it wil help me in my 3rd year.
I've spoken to quite a few 3rd years recently and they have really helped me out with placements and advice for when i get to the final year. One key piece was "do as many extra classes as you can!Everything and anything!"
Well, I think I've definately taken that one board!
let me just get tomorrow over with please!I'm really stressing about enterprise...we need to sort ourselves out!We're going to talk to Bridge and really go to town on our businees plans-otherwise we will fall to pieces!
Only 3 weeks til PRAGUE!

Tuesday, 19 January 2010


I got my mark back for innovative cut and i was a little disappointed with it! I got 62 and I know that's still a 2:1, but I just felt I put a lot of effort into it and had a strong concept.
I know that my garment brough my mark down and I didn't put as much effort in as I should have and that maybe my idea's weren't echoed strongely enough. I've had time to think about how I could have improved my grade and as there is nothing I can do now to improve it, I will just have to look to the future.
So that brings me to our latest project which involves CAD! I'm pretty confident with it and fill like I could achieve quite a lot from it.
Crit studies is going alright I'm enjoying it a lot more this year and feel like I understand it more than I did last year.
Enterprise however is driving me crazy, we have so much to do and have already had to change our idea once (although I understand it would have never worked sucessfully). I think my group will just have to have a massive meeting about it all and sort ourselves out.
Overall, at the moment I feel positive about things. I've had a lot of bad news recently and feel that my work is helping to take my mind off things. I need to stay focused and keep pushing forward!
After all things can only get better, right?

Friday, 8 January 2010

So a lot has happened since my last post. I've been working fulltime at Urban-hardcore,I know! I went back to my mums in Exeter for a few days and then to Southend to visit the rest of the ugly bunch! It was pleasant! I have to admit I've spent most of this holiday alone in the big student house...its been depressing at times. Its a real eye-opener, this is the real world you work Christmas Eve you go home for Christmas and you're back boxing day! Life is tough......but thats life I suppose! I wouldn't have done it if I didn't enjoy my job so much, but I really want to hold onto this one.
It was such a relief when people started coming back from home...finally I had friends again!

My visits back to the see the famille have been educational as well as fun. I went to the V+A and saw an exhibition recommended by Ian called Decode. It was all about the latest developments in digital creativity and had plenty of interactive pieces-which is always a hit with me! Although at the start I didn't understand how a lot of it worked, I felt it may help me with the next project and it was interesting and enjoyable anyway.
I also saw an exhibition on illustrator as well, I know we have to look into illustrators for the next project, "Digital Realisation Techniques" so I thought why not?!
This exhibition wasn't digital illustrators, but I feel its still useful to know any sort of illustrator fashion, digital whatever!
Here were my findings....

All the illustators are students and are all inspired by completely different things.
Tom Burns did pieces inspired by the City with a great use of colour. His work has a sense of speed, but also lonliness. Lots of the illustrators worked on Giclee print on somerset paper. Burns was an overall winner of 2009.
Swava Harasymovicz did illustrations for penguin classics and worked in pencil, her work was published in the Guardian Weekend magazine - "Putting Down Daisy"
Lydia Wang is a st martins student who addressed issues such as socialist, realism and propaganda. Her piece was called "Everything turns to Gold".
Kristina Marie Hofmann is a Royal Arts student, inspired by the "Ice" Novel.
The work was really good, but different to photograph due to the glass they were behind!Oh well!

Before I go back to College I want to send some more emails for placements and try and get on top of crit and enterprise notes! All in an ideal world!!

Oh and I just hope this snow stops...its driving me crazy

Oh and because I was so pleased with the return of Vickie Wallace we decided to take a little trip to York, (we had never been,I'm sure thats against the law!), it was beautiful!
We went to Bettys...we went to the Minster and had a general mooch! Delicious!

That's all for now....