Friday, 30 July 2010

My last day!

It was my last day with Olga Shishkina today and it was very sad. I have learnt a lot since working with her and although it has been difficult at times I have thoroughly enjoyed myself!
Olga has just started selling her jackets in Barcelona with the likes of Prada, Miu miu, D&G, Alexander McQueen etc. And I am very happy for her, I think she will go far!

Olga is showing her stuff at LFW in February and has said I can help out! I am very excited and grateful for the experience.

Best of luck Olga

Martin Margiela

I went to the Martin Margiela exhibition at Somerset House and it was AMAZING! I would give it 8/10 and would definately go again.
I wasn't allowed to take photographs but I did make some notes as I went round so I could give a good account of the experience!
The exhibition was laid out very well, each room/space reflected what was being shown excellently. Thinking of how the exhibition would be viewed.
The invites Margiela uses are very good and imaginative, as I'm pathway A I need to be constantly thinking about these things. He used things like newpaper ads, CDs, Wishbones, chocolate, plates etc. Anything that would catch attention. All really fun ideas.
I thought the exhibition was really well thought out, his ideas and creations were very clever. The tailoring was brilliant simply playing with the garments, exposing linings and hems, fraying, patchwork etc. Some were very crisp, white and others were quite humble.
Martin Margiela states that luxury is about the amount of labour spent on a piece, not all about the fabric used and I couldn't agree more with this statement!

Another very clever idea he had was tv screens that showed how the garments could be worn and how different people wear the garments in different ways, depending on sex, taste etc.

Labels were simple 4 stitches, but recognisable to people that are fond of Margielas work.
He even thought about the garments packaging and gave instructions on how to wash and access the garment, making the shopping/buying experience far more exciting.
I loved the trench coats, Margiela plays on traditions, making the common trench far more exciting!
He also used phtographs of fabrics that he then printed onto different garment (its difficult to explain), although it wasn't my favourite piece it was still a very good idea. Let me give an example...say a cotton top would have a knitwear texture copied onto it to give the illusion that it was actually knitwear.

Overall an amazing exhibition everything and anything you have ever thought about in the fashion world had be executed! Good use of innovation. Thinks about the audience and the whole journey of the garment from start to finish!
I would highly reccommend it! Very inspiring....

Monday, 26 July 2010


I've started to look more at videos used to promote designers collection for ideas and inspirations for my 3rd year.In 3rd year I would quite like to continue using videos to promote my products as I really enjoy creating and editing the video footage.
I want to look more into promoting my products after they have been created as it is an interest of mine.

On a slightly different note on my placement I have started to do more PA/PR type jobs such as arranging meetings for Olga with zip manufacturers and getting tickets for textiles/fashion shows. I'm pleased I have done such an array of jobs while working with her its actually quite sad to think its almost over....

MIU MIU campaigns

Campaigns for 2010-MIU MIU

Sarah St Clair Renard

Really enjoying this video! Looks like it was a lot of fun to make!

Color Me Crazy from Sarah St Clair Renard on Vimeo.

By Sarah St. Clair Renard for Yen Magazine’s spring issue 2010.

Viktor and Rolf 2011

Love this simple yet effective idea for a photo shoot

Sarah Williams

Sarah Williams designed and created some amazing luggage and I went to see it a while back at the V&A. Shes a graduate from London College of Fashion...
Here are some of her creations

Love her work!

Saturday, 24 July 2010


So my time with Olga has continued to be just as productive. I am now tracing patterns to be sent to the factory where her leather jackets will be made. Olga has decided to get them made in London and is currently in Barcelona looking at places to sell her jackets. Its all quite exciting! I have to arrange some meetings with various zip companies for next week, so that we can get all the materials we need before we send the patterns to the factory. I only have a week left on my placement and although at times its been difficult, I feel I've learnt from the experience. I think on my next placement I would like to work within PR or buying to see what that sector of fashion is like.
I'm still reading for my dissertation and have ordered some pattern paper so I can practice pattern making before I go into the dreaded 3rd year!!! I feellike I have so much to do before September and not a lot of time left to do it!!

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

A Good Day!

Good day at work...I was getting a bit down because all I seemed to be doing was data entry towards the end of the week!But today I was putting in sleeves and collars and zips! It was amazing...I feel like I've learnt a lot. I just hope it carries on this way. Also I may be getting a paid job in a tailors, I'm going to see the guy who runs it on saturday so fingers-crossed! I think it will really help me with my confidence,and my pattern cutting and making will benefit a lot from my placement.
I have also emailed a PR company near to London Bridge where I'm working at the moment to see if they need any help.
As for the reading for my dissertation, its coming a long nicely I've made a few notes and I read on the way to and from work (its a bit of a commute). My title has been approved so everythings GO!
Lets hope tomorrow goes just as smoothly as today.

And I'm sure theres an exhibition I want to see at Somerset house!!!

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Quick update

So need to update a little... so got my grades back for a couple of projects all really good and my overall grade for 2nd year is a 2:1 which is want I want for my overall degree. Obviously I'm still gonna give 100% and push myself as much as possible.
I've just started my placement with Olga (a grad from st martins), its only my 2nd day and I feel like ive already learnt loadsa. I'm finding it enjoyable and interesting at the moment, hopefully this will continue. Its a designed based placement, which isn't what I want to do but I feel like I need to try everything. I'm doing it for a month so I'm sure I will benefit a lot from it!